Thursday, 16 December 2010

Commentary for video.

video commentary analysis of our music video goup T1-35.

Final Video

Monday, 13 December 2010

Music video evaluation

1 - in what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I feel we followed conventions for the genre of our song, however due to the specific genre we were given we were in a situation where the majority of the group hadn't been to familiar with the styling of Indie rock videos prior to the start of filming. Even after searching many videos and trying to familiarise ourselves with what is typical of Indie rock, some of us still felt unsure or lacking in confidence with what is appropriate for this type of video. Similarly this was the case for the digi-pak and poster. The main problem with the digi-pak is that we hadn't come across one other than in research so to produce one for a band that had no examples of their own digi-pak proved difficult. Therefore I chose to produce one in following with what I recognised as an Indie styling and asked the group of their opinion which seemed content. In conclusion I feel that for the most part we followed conventions of our Genre across both video and ancillary tasks.

2- how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

I feel that our video and ancillary texts look good as a combination and have a strongly similar aesthetic. I think it was important to make the ancillary texts representative of our video and to reinforce what we were trying to achieve with the video, as I believe we didn't achieve as well as we'd hoped in our video. I made the digi-pak and poster as at the beginning of that lesson I was the only one present, half way through production other members turned up and were able to have their input. For this reason the poster appears simplistic because I didn't want to go all out and produce something that our group weren't happy with, due to the time scale we had there wasn't time to produce a whole poster and then erase that to start again. With the poster made, we chose it was good for time management to follow a similar styling for our digi-pak and I think they work well together.

3- What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Out audience feedback mostly pointed out that we didn't have any clear lip syncing. The only lip syncing we had initially was that of myself playing the guitar at a distance and miming words. The main problem we faced with lip syncing is that the lyrics were so hard to find, any transcribed versions of the song on the internet were missing lines and to listen to the track this is understandable. the words are slurred and fast, making it hard to lip sync even if we had the lyrics. Unfortunately I missed the lesson where the group filmed the lip syncing, however I took the role of musician in the video and to have me singing as well may have looked like a bit of a one man band, so I tried to take a stronger role in editing to make up for my absence.  Our other main issue in feedback, was that our video was quite dark. We responded to this by going back to editing and changing the filters trying to lighten the mise en scene and by adding some colour to part of the video, this was an unconventional contrast but it was mainly to satisfy the audience. We transferred this to our ancillary texts by using the brightest still frames from our video, then hopefully we would avoid similar negative feedback. 

4- How did you use new media technologies in the constriction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

we used an HD camera for part of our filming which added a very noticeable increase in the quality of our product. We have also been using final cut to edit and compose our video which gave us so much potential to produce a quality peace of work, the trouble with final cut is that lack of knowledge of the software will hinder your success at editing, and obviously, the more familiar you are with it the better it can be. fortunately by the end of our editing we had become confidant with editing and were able to do so efficiently.  We were able to utilise the internet in research and watch numerous videos on YouTube. we also used websites dedicated to transcripts of songs which were easy to find and saved us time in having to do it ourselves.  We used Photoshop to produce our ancillary tasks and were able to keep a diary on which meant our work was continuously accessible from anywhere in the world and that teachers are able to read through and leave feedback on posts from all members of the group.

Monday, 6 December 2010

The bourne ultimatum commentary was a voiceover played completely over footage there were no shots of the director just peices of footage which related to what it was he was talking about. This was quite good as it keeps the viewer interested in watching the peice however it is easy to focus on the footage and not listen so much as to what it is that the director is saying. It also helped us have an insight into the things of which it would be useful for us to say.

Feedback for all on Evaluation

This is the genric feedback I have given everyone - it is relevant for all of you. Please read it and consider it when filming your evaluation next lesson.

Question One - Start by outlining the conventions of an indie music video, cite some of the examples you looked at and then discuss your own use of those conventions, illustrated by examples. You could benefit from discussing in a bit more detail the conventions of your ancillary texts and which ones you used and any you challenged or developed.
Talk about the choices you made about your engagement with the conventions of indie music videos. Also talk about how you engaged with the form of music videos, obviously it's very different from the narrative video forms you have worked on before. Also talk in detail about specific conventions you used and give examples from your texts. Talk about the video, the magazine ad and the digipak.
Question Two - on the combination of products you talk about the font and the colour design but I want you to talk more about the decision making process and how well you think these three products work as a package. Also talk about the representation of the artist in all three products, do they work in combination to communicate something specific about the artist.
Question Three - Mention all of the points at which you got feedback, pitch, rough cut, final cut, digipak and magazine ad draft and final versions etc. Also talk about peer feedback and using the class as a sample group of your target audience. In addition, talk about the feedback you received from me. Give specific examples in quotes and discuss how you responded to them individually.

Question Four - You need to flesh out this response. How did the technology limit you but also consider how it enabled you to be creative.

commentary planning

both overlaying voice over on footage and cut scenes of talking to the camera. hopefully this will make is appear more personal and will demonstrate more editing skills. also showing the footage will allow the viewer to see what we are talking about, as well as us.

timeline of ideas-
we are likely to use the majority of our footage, or at least a few seconds form each scene. we wil cut to the ancillary tasks towards the end to show off our skills.

who speaks?
its important that all of us speak, even if its just to show our imput or to comment on the video and give our opinions. we will cover the 4 evaluation questions but we will also cover things such as choice of location, props etc...

location -
we would like to either use the green room or a class room with our products on show behind us.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Evaluation Questions- Craig Gannon

1. In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The products we have created all follow the conventions of our genre of music which is indie/rock. We did this so people could follow the band they are used to and relate to it rather than changing it and losing peoples interest with the band. We also followed the typical conventions of a music video, poster and digi-pak for example we set out the digi-pak cover like a normal one and included features on it that are normally on digi-paks for example an interview with the band and a live performance. Also the poster follows the coventions showing the band name, an image and the album name and release date.

2.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

The products link together very well as they are all stylised in the same way for example they all use dark and gloomy colours and are in the same style following the graveyard theme. The images we used within each product all include graves showing the theme and genre of our music video so they are linked. The writing on each product matches one another and the overall theme because we used old style writing and bold writing which follows the type of music as it is quite loud and bold its self.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

The feedback we recieved is that our video did not have enough lip syncing in it so we went out and filmed more of it and incuded within our final product, another thing said was that we did not make it gloomy enough as we were in a graveyard so we decided to put a day to night filter over most of the video and this made it look more appropriate and fit the genre better. We used the information we found out on our target audience to make our video fit this, an example of this is that we found out it was a big rock audience that listened to rock music so we used a graveyard setting as this fitted the genre. Also we made the poster and digi-pak dark and almost evil like so this would also follow the target audiences needs.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Final cut was a helpfull thing to use as it has all the tools you need to use to edit a video in many ways, for example a problem we faced was that it was too light outside when we filmed to suit the type of video we were aiming for so we used a day to night filter which worked and made the final product look darker and more like the night which is what we were aiming for.
The cameras we used were a problem as we got a non HD video camera for the main part of our video so it looks grainy and low quality, then we decided we needed more lip syncing and filmed on another day and we got a HD camera then and it looked higher quality so the images do not match one another and looks different.
Blogger was a good way for us to plan things and organise things for example what day we are filming on and the things we need to bring to the shoot. It also helps so we can view other peoples blogs to see what they are getting up to, so we could get help from their ideas and use them in our favour.
1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

All three of our media products are very conventional and stereotypical of an inde genre band/music. the generic conventions of the inde/rock genre is something that is unique and not commercialised and not connected with a 'major label' this gives the artist freedom of expression within their music and videos. also the music videos generally are not narrative based and are abstract which is what we tried to create with our video. aslo after doing some further research on Supergrass (our band) we saw that many of their previous videos were quirky and stuck to the conventions of the genre which help to give us an idea of what we should create.
we kept to these conventions to make sure that we would attract a mass audience rather an targeting just one type of person, for example male teenagers, which would create the most interest into our product. we stuck closely to examples of digipaks and magazine adverts as those are successful which would make ours more marketable. for our magazine ad we didnt display the group members to create a sense of suspicion and also it would make people want to find out more. then on our digipak we displayed all group members to attract a mass audience once more.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

we stuck to stereotypical colours and themes for our products which clearly link to one another and have links to other similar products. this makes our products effective because it is important to make something that people would be interested in. our products are linked by the main theme of the graveyard, which is the main setting for our video. it was so important for us to continue this theme throughout our products to make it clear what we were trying to achieve. the colours and font sizes and styles are all the same for our digipak and magazine advert. this was to create a link between them and to ensure that it would be the bands unique style and selling point. the magazine advert and the digipak use the same colour scheme of red and black with the same font, these colours although generally representing a more rock genre, work for our particular product because of where our actual video is set, in a grave yard. these all correlate to one another making a strong bond between all three products.

 3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

our initial feedback for our pitch was mainly negative,  this caused us great concern and we needed to rapidly change our idea. this was because people had concerns about how we were going to film and also we wanted to go out at night, in town which may have compromised our, and the equipments safety.  although we had another idea, which turned out to be our main idea, at the time we thought it was unachievable and would not look effective. however after talks with our teacher, it became clear that we would be able to achieve this so it then became our main idea.
after our rough cut feedback a lot changed to our video. we had big gaps and little, if any, lip syncing. much of the class picked up on this and therefore we all agreed that something needed to be done. another thing that the class picked upon was the length of our shoots so we decided that we wanted to cut it up and mix up our shots.
so more useful feedback was form Amar which helped us greatly. he said that we needed a more variation of shots, for example things like close ups and tracking shots. also we needed to wash out some of the colours by putting filters over to make our video a more interesting watch and keep the audience wanting to watch more and more. Amar said we needed to ensure that our shots were not to long or it would get boring, howeevr not making them to short that you can not take in all that was in that scene, so we needed to find a comprimise in the middle somewhere.
all this feedback was important to us as we needed a push in the right direction. also it helped us to overcome some of the more tricky aspects of our filming.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

the blogger proved to be very helpful and use in keeping track of our ideas and just generally keeping them all together. also when i or a group member had an idea it was very easy to put them on the blog straight away because then that way, we did not forget them.
we used the green screen which was new to me. it originality seemed to be difficult and hard to get right and we were not all sure about using it as it may not of given us the right effect that we wanted. however we worked hard to get it right. after we got to grips with it, it did end up helping us to get the right effect for what we wanted so for our group, it worked extremely well and was so helpful.
the new HD cameras we used to film for our green screening was a notable increase to the quality of our footage.
final cut was was the most important software we used for this project. it had all the right tools we needed which was important as we had not filmed it in the correct order. also had all the right effects that we needed, such as the day to night filter we used to create an evening atmosphere.
similarly, photoshop was very important for our digipak and magazine ad as it had templates for us and also contained all the right tools for us.

Evaluation Questions

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media?

The Magazine ad and digipak do confine to the regular conventions ain a sense however they do display the artist but do not display the artists face, just shots from behind and also a shot of a hand on the magazine ad, The Effects on the images are both edited in som way both having the edges rubbed away with the tool and this creates an effect similar to what would be associated with the band and the general genre in which we were working. The name of both the album and the band are clear and written in a font which conforms with the genre and would not look out of place. The title is in a bright red font this is good as it is an eye catching colour and will stand out in a shop where the consumer is likely to purchase the product from. The video also conforms to the conventions it sells the artist as they are an unknown band and is promoting them quite well it shows every member and most in a close up situation so the audience can get to know the faces of the artist, The shots are made dark with the filters to conform with the genre and the general image of the band and song. The Mise en scene is good as it has a costume of which would be expected for the band members and the instruments they use are what can be heard in the song. they are also very typical for the band to use these sort of instruments.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?
The digipak and magazine ad both have similar images and effects they also have a similar red font and are very similar, they are both  set on a black background and the images are of a dark colouration. the images are taken directly from the video themselves and therefore link very well. the images are iconic and would have been remembered from the video which is what helped us make the decision in the first place to choose such pictures. The images are dark as is most of our video they are very good for the genre and the bands image they do not promote the members as such as the video shows the band members so much we did not want to bombard the audience with the band and so the time showing the artists face was limited

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
We have learnt that we should have tried to stick to our original ideas more as the final product was a bit of a mess this was due to a lack of comminment from certain members and also due to the fact that as always things didnt exactly go to plan. we also found that people seemed to get bored of the locations as they were mainly outdoors and too similar in colours which people felt that they were too repetitive and did not look as if the footage was in any sort of order and just put together. Another good peice of critisism was the fact that the lip syncing did not look very good this was because none of the members announced theyre words well enough and the audience could not make out the words, another reason for this was because we had to second guess alot of the words as they were hard to make out and we could not find them anyehere on the internet as most people also must have found the words very hard to hear.

4.How did you use new media technologies in the construction and researh, planning and evaluation stages?
We used many different aspects to help with the editing and filming of the footage we used final cut this was a very good tool as it helped greatly to create an effect on the stylings of our video and helped us portray a message which we were going for with the fact that the song was that of a slightly dark nature but also the fact that there was some lighter filters to help with the fact that it is also still a song. however there were alot of problems with getting our lyrics to match our visuals however these were resolved quickly. we also used the green screen and used final cut to put on the filter which in turn helped us to put people in places of which we could not normally put them. We also used blogger to help us record our research and all that we were doing this was a very usefull tool as it helped to keep a record of what we had done and helped us to know what the other members of the group had also done to ensure that we could read what they had done and also to make sure that they do not do things that had already been done.

Commentary Planning

Commentary 1;
the first commentary 'S1-21' is very plain and simple. the group members are talking to the camera like an interview situation. they also do it individually which doesn't make there group seem united. it is a very formal situation, and occasionally they mumble and are unclear on what they are saying, which makes the group look unprepared.
they have cuts an screen shoots of examples of what they are talking about which is a very good, however these cuts are quite quick and you can not see them clearly. this is an idea which we are keen to use however we will learn form their mistakes to ensure ours does not fall into the same trap.
also the fade betweens the questions are good because they separate the questions which is good for knowing which question is being answered.

Commentary 2;
the second commentary 'S1-23' is a bit different and contrasts to the first one. this one is in a very dimly lit room which does not work well for a commentary as it makes it harder to understand and interoperate what they are saying. also, one of the members gets aggressive which does not work well in this situation.
good points about their commentary was the fact that they had the video playing in the background, although you couldn't really see the video, it gave a sense of what their video was like. we would also like to use this idea so that the audience can watch the video as we are talking about it so that they know what we are talking about.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Mood Board

mood board

these are ideas, colours, bands which we intend to use and learn from when we do our filming for our inde genre music video

Digipak and magazine ad styling

We chose to use the font "28 days later" as it works well with the style and mise en scene of our video. We used a graveyard as our location and show a band member rising from a grave this relates to the font in that 28 days later is a zombie apocalypse film with the dead rising. Also the font has a decaying or deteriorating feel which works well with the style we wanted for both our Digipak and Mag Ad.

response to change of ideas

after the initial idea for the digipak not being what i felt an inde band's digipak should look like, me and Craig tried to create a more 'suitable' design. on finishing this design we decided that our initial idea was far better than the new one. this therefore meant that we went with our original design for our digipak.
 although still not fitting our gene 100% our final digipak it still very strong and looks proffesional.

Final Digipak

13T1-35 Music DVD Cover

this is our final design for our digipak

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Change of ideas

After looking at our digipak so far, we decided that it did not fit with our intended genre. it was looking like a heavy metal rock band. whilst two group members were away, we felt that this is a floor as we were trying promote an inde band. to get over this, we have decided to create a new digipak as an alternative suggestion for our final piece. we realise this is not an ideal situation doing work without group members however it is god to give ourselves more options.

for our new digipak, we have decided to uses images such as:
and where this image has words, we will write over it.
also there are pictures of people on there and so we will put pictures of our group members over the top of them.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


During our editing lessons i have been very busy trying to put our footage into a sensible order the main part of the editing is using effects on the footage such as putting a colour filter over certain scenes and correcting the colour for the green screen. This was good as we have been able to place the band members in places of which the wouldn't normally be able to. We also managed to compile all the band members performing the same thing in the same position on the same shot with different filters this was used both time the chorus is heard so that it is clear when the chorus is on.

Analysis of a proffesional Digipak


Oasis - Acoustic

The artist name is clear, how it is not eye catching and it not extremely obvious despite being in the centre of the digipak. The name of the album is definitely not clear, as there is a lot of writing close together in the same space, so unless you know the album name, it is hard to distinguish which one it it. there are no websites addresses which is does not add neither take anything away from the cover. there is no direct picture of the band however there is a picture of an acoustic guitar which fits in the the name of the album and also fits in with the slightly quirky inde genre. there is a very clear track listing on the back of the cover which is good so you know what other songs are on the abum. it is not clear whether there are any other 'extra featurea' within the digipak so i would presume that there are not any as none are stated.

Although there are not a lot of the features of a digipak for this particular digipak, it is a good example of one. it also has given our group some help for what to do and what not to do. also gives us a sense of what hasnt worked on this cover so that we do not make the same mistakes as this one.

Extra content for our Digipak.

Digipaks typically consist of a gatefold (book-style), paper board or card stock outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside. Since Digipaks were among the first alternatives to jewel cases to be used by major record companies. Other things that could be inside a digipak are:
-Posters of the band
-Pop up pictures of the band
-Free ringtones

It is important to offer others things within a digipak to entice the audience into buying the product. the opportunity to win a competition is a good idea and one that should be carried forward and used within our digipak.

Blog ideas for 'strap lines'

Strap lines have got to promote the album from a trusted organisation, and have to say good things about the band and/or album.
Generally NME and MTV give out ratings for CD's/Digipaks. this is because these are two big company's which have gained a lot of respect in the music industry. 
Examples of strap lines are;
"it takes something special to stand out from the crowd..." - Q Magazine (The Tempar Trap)
"her second solo album still bears her inimitable lyrical, limerick accent voice, but with softer and brighter lilts than the cranberries" - The Independent (Dolores O'Riordan)
these straps lines are positive which s very common in all strap lines.

Analysis of a proffesional magazine advert


The Temper Trap - Conditions.

The name of the artist is clear and bold at the top of page, and contrasts the colour of the background of the page. similarly to the name of the band, the name of the album is at the bottom of the page in the same clear bold font as the name of the artist. this link is good as it connects the two together and creates a sense of continuity within the ad. Although there is not a release date on the magazine ad, it does say that the album is out now, which has the same effect as a release date. there are two websites near the bottom of the page which gives the audience a lot of chances to follow the band and the album. but the font size is small and it is not easily spotted. there are two reviews of the album, which both reflect well on the band and the album. the image is dark and the back ground is black. the font and style of the text it similar to that of "white noise" these things all represent the inde genre of the band well.

Monday, 22 November 2010

magazine advert

13T1-35 Music Magazine

Track ideas

Our music video and track fit the genre "indie" this means that our tracks must fit in with this and therefore must sound the same as other tracks from a similar artist, The similar sort of artists are kaiser cheif and the kooks with songs such as valerie, La song is one of ours and it follows the apparent randomness of the song titles but still relates to the song and in turn the genre. The song names must be quirky but have relevance and some seriousness. some examples of what songs we could have on our digipak are:

She Said

Fire Alie

who are you


Are you the one

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Analyse of a student Digipak.

GROUP 43 Music DVD Cover

The name of the artist is clear as it is in bold pink lettering which grabs the audiences attention towards it. The album title is rather clear because it is in bold black and white writing which instantly grabs your attention also it is directly under the artists name. They have tracklisting in big bold pink writing which follows the colour scheme and makes it stand out. It also features a commentry on the making of "Seventeen Candles" music video. There is no website which limits the potential of finding out more about the band. The record label branding is clear with a quite large logo of "MTV." There are two pictures of the band members which are black and white which follows the conventions of an indie genre. They have also put on a bar code and a 'DVD' logo which adds to the authenticity of the Digipak.

Analyse of a student Magazine Ad

GROUP 01 Music Magazine Advert

This magazine ad follows the conventions of a proffesional magazine ad. The artists name is clear and bold and in a bright white colour. this automatically draws the attention of a customer to it so that you remember the name of the band. Although the name of the artist is clear, the name of the Album is not clear which is one of few negatives about this magazine advert. They have a clear release date atthe top of the ad which is good because you can see straight away when the album is coming out. The Website address at the bottom is clear and follows the colour scheme of the rest of the magazine ad. There is a review from 'NME' right in the middle of the ad which shows that the album is a success. There is no record label branding, however we feel that this is not a crucial matter, and does not take away from the final ad. There is a big picture of a band member which promotes the artist well. also the make up on his face, again follows the bright colour scheme of green and blue.

Conventions of a Magazine Ad and Digipak

- The name of the Artist: this is important to make clear the name of the artist so that the magazine ad can promote the artist

- The name of the Album: it is also essential to make this clear so the customer knows what to buy and what to look out for

- The release date: important for the consumer to find out when they can buy the album/single

- Website and Myspace addresses: to give the option of finding out more about the artist and/or the album

- Reviews and ratings of the abum - to give a sense of how good/bad the album is

- Record Label branding

- Pictures of the band members or relevant visual imagery to sell the Digipak and it must be manipulated in some was (e.g. an effect applied to it).

Many of the conventions of a Magazine Ad are similar to that of a Digipak, but also includes:

- Track listings: to show whats on the album as well as the single. also gives the customer a feel for more music by the artist.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Camera Angles

We added a more variety of shots to make our video more interesting. These included close ups so you could see our lip syncing and help the audience to identify with band members. We also had extreme long shots and tracking shots to add variation to our video.

Lip Syncing

When we originally filmed our footage, we did not lip sync at all. This was due to lack of commitment and the fact we did not have to lyrics to hand. Subsequently, we had to film again to achieve some lip syncing.

The first time we got the camera to film our lip syncing was a disaster. We did not think about our location properly, and we were completely under prepared as we were rushing to make sure we had some. After filming this, we uploaded our footage onto the computers and noticed that non of us were pronouncing the words properly, and our footage had no clarity. This made us look like we were mumbling and therefore meant we had to film again to actually get lip syncing people could actually see.

Our second time filming, focused on lip syncing was much more successful. although we did not film the whole song with all of us singing, we filmed important bits and the bits that we had no footage for. when we filmed this time, although being more successful our clarity was still not great, and occasionally you can not see exactly what we are singing. However, this works well with out Inde genre as not everything is meant to be perfect.

Also another thing that made our filming for lip syncing harder was the fact that one of our group members were not here for a week to help us film and lip syncing. However, I feel that our group made the best of the situation, and tried to make the most of the time we had left to film.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


the feedback we received was very helpful and has given us more direction with what to do next to make our video better. 
we need more variety of shot types including close ups mainly, to give a more diverse and interesting video to watch. this will also allow the audiende to identify with the band members. the colours within the video are mainly green and beige and therefore make it boring to watch so we need to use effects to give to some more colour. so we may need to wash out some colours in some shots whilst making them brighter in others. at the beginning of the video the cuts are quite sharp, we need to make them more soft to add to the suspense. without lip syncing our video seems boring and tedeus so we need to include some.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Rough Cut Feedback - Lip Syncing

The video did not show any obvious lip syncing. possibly due to the lack of close-up shots, or the quality of the video as it was to pixelated. You can overcome this problem by using more close ups within the video, this way we would you singing. There is a lot more focus on playing the instruments than there is on the singing.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rough Cut

This is my groups rough cut we still have no lip syncing so need to film some ad add it in, there are a few slides left to add transitions too and some general tidy ups other than that it is in the order.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Shots we need to reshoot in the green room are:
A full body shot of a guitarist
Lip syncing for the most of it
Close Ups
Shots of someones legs
Seated Shots for the graves

We feel all of these shots can be obtained within one lesson after the rough cut deadline.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Our Song Choice

This is a video of a previous group that did our chosen song for their music video project last year.

Good points about their video is the clever use of green screening which makes things blend and appear that the background is on the instruments etc... Also the have stuck to the conventions of the inde genre by having the instruments being played as part of the mise-en-scene, to give the impression that the sound is diagetic.

The things I feel we should try an avoid is the tediousness of the video, as it is all set in the same location, and gets boring after a while. Also there is minimal to no lip syncing which makes the video look unprofessional . Although some music videos do not use this technique and do not have lip syncing, for this video, I feel that it doesn't work.

changed ideas

We decided to film the main character in the green room so we could make him look more of a ghostly figure. we were going to Achieve this through flushing the image of colour and leaving it with a black and white feel and blur the edges to Achieve an effect of floating. However yesterday whilst filming in the green room for our ghost we decided it would be better to have Phil playing the guitar and a more subtle role as it will be hard to make it look realistic so we decided to not make it the focus of the shots. instead we filmed Phil playing the guitar in the green room to the style of the song. we will then change the scale of the image and place it onto an image from our location and could have him play the guitar in places it would not be possible in actual life.

Target Audeince

The song that we have chosen to make our music video for is Supergrass 'La Song.' Supergrass try to reach a range of fans, and as they have been around for 17 years,they have a big fan base. Other bands that have similar music and a similar fan base, although not being round for as long include:

-The Zutons



Call Sheet

Mill Road Graveyard

Shooting Schedule:
Sunday 17th October 10.00am
Cast including Craig Gannon, Phil Lemon, Ryan Brook and Matthew Crouch

Kit: Camera, Tripod

Props:Guitars and Bass Guitars

Costume:All black clothes i.e. trousers shirts and shoes

Lyrics to Supergrass La Song

Well they lead us from the ruin of fables,
And we drink ourselves right under the tables,
Push a needle into yesterday's papers
Then they tell us that they love us and hate us
Deliver us from feelings of hatred
You know, it's going to kill us sooner or later
Lead us from the ruin of fables
As they're climbing up the towers of Babel

You've got to get inside and feel love

Well they lead us from the ruin of fables,
See inside ourselves and what we are made of,
Well come along and stick on the labels
And do the dance of the cash potato
They're kindest when they tell us they hate us
Because we're super fragilistically aimless
Well they lead us from the ruin of fables,
And the goddess of Assyrian angels.

You've got to get inside and feel love

Orgins The Inde/Rock Genre.

Indie rock is a genre of rock music, and a means of producing that music, that originated in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. It is rooted in earlier genres such as alternative rock, post-punk, and new wave.
The meaning of the term "indie rock" is contested today by many musicians, fans and commentators. Some use the term "indie" to describe any music produced by artists working within the network of independent record labels and underground music venues that emerged in the United States and elsewhere in 1980's and 1990's. Others understand indie rock as a distinct genre of rock music with a specific artistic aesthetic, and care less about the context in which it is made. Many embrace both meanings of the word, believing that the aesthetics of the genre and its means of production are deeply intertwined.
Indie rock artists are known for placing a premium on maintaining complete control of their music and careers, releasing albums on independent record labels and relying on touring, word-of-mouth, airplay on independent or college radio stations and, in recent years, the Internet for promotion. However, in the 2000's many acts with a musical style identified as "indie" signed to major record labels or their subsidiaries, and began promoting themselves through more traditional media outlets. This has led to a further blurring in the meaning of the term.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Planning Lessons

The first opportunity we had to take out the camera in the lesson proved to be unsuccessful however, a big learning curve. We planned to take test footage form our chosen location however encountered a big problem. one of our group members has a car and had the equipment in their car, this meant that we were not carrying instruments around the centre of Cambridge with us. We went to the location, however found that there was no where to park. This caused problems as we were unable to film any footage. To avoid this in the future, we have spoken to our teacher, to find out some good places to park close to our desired location of filming.

Also after taking some test footage at college, and talking to a technician we felt that one of our ideas was over ambitious and not possible on final cut express. We have now considered the possibility of using a green screen to help give the effect of a ghost rather than, just filming it. We feel that green screening will give us the best outcome if we can get it spot on.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Track Concepts

Track 1. Keke J - Crush
typical story about a boyfriend

Track 2. Backstreet Boys - Evergreen

Track 3. Orson - Everything

Track 4. Hot Chip - Thieves Of The Night

Track 5. Emma Bunton - In Another Life

Track 6. Supergrass - La Song
In a Graveyard.

Monday, 4 October 2010

TEACHER POST - Pitch Feedback

The key to success in this project is two-fold, firstly you need to be organised but if you don't have a great idea then it doesn't matter.
The initial idea you pitched of filming Cambridge on a saturday night concerned me greatly. One of my concerns was safety, not just of the equipment but your safety. My second concern was that the idea wasn't very original.
The second idea you pitched - of a zombie playing funeral - was much more interesting. It is original, has lots of scope for being visually interesting and most of all it will be memorable.
This idea does require organisation but it has the potential to be brilliant.
Make sure you consider your magazine ad and digipak - how are they going to look. It will be really important for you to take images on set and in costume so think about how you want these to look before you get on set. Sketch out some ideas and blog these.
Brilliant work so far - keep going.

magazine advert research

 This magazine ad is for the well known music magazine NME, the cover shows the well known band of kings of leon, their genre of which they work with is similar to the one of which our chosen song comes from. we can use this as an idea for how our magazine ad should look. the idea of just the band is a usual one for the style using a band and only the band to help promote the artist as it focuses the reader on the band. The idea is simple yet affective as the eyes are immediately drawn to the band and then the title clearly stating their name in big red writing similar to that of the NME title. The text is at the forefront of the picture making it stand out more than other text it is also the largest. The biggest image on the cover is the group itself this is good as it draws the reader straight to them.

Digipak research

This digipak is an example from the kooks for their album konk, it is from a similar genre to which our song is and therefore can help give an insight to what the style of our genres digipak would look like as the indie/rock groups all use a similar style.

The digipak shows the band in a usual attire for their genre they conform heavily with what you are expecting and are standing outside a club with the name konk this is a clever way of showing the digipaks name as it is the bright vibrant neon sign which shows up best in an otherwise fairly dark picture. The only other thing which is illuminated in this scene is the band stood in the doorway of a club. this sort of club could be somewhere which the group could perform and also confines with the genre and the sort of location you would expect from this genre.

lyrics to illustrate the conventions of a sub genre.

Punk Lyrics.
- Short Lines
- Disagree with authority/power etc...
- Rhymes

We hate Cameron
He is reall mean
And we also dont
Like to be clean

We shave half our hair
Act like we dont care
We don't like the mayor
He shouldnt be there

Got the police chasing us
We dont want no fuss
Just trying to cuss
Doing what we mus'

Theory of Auteur

In film criticism, the 1950s-era auteur theory holds that a director's films reflect that director's personal creative vision, as if he were the primary "auteur" (the French word for "author"). In spite of—and sometimes even because of—the films in question being made as part of an industrial process, the author's creative voice is distinctive enough to shine through all kinds of studio interference. In some cases, film producers are considered to have a similar "auteur" role for films that they have produced. In law the auteur is the creator of a film as a work of art, and is the original copyright holder. Under European Union law the film director shall always be considered the author or one of the authors of a film.

history of music video.

In 1894 when sheet music publishers still ran the music business, Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern hired electrician George Thomas and various performers to promote sales of their song The little lost child. Thomas projected a series of still images on a screen simultaneously with live performances in what became a popular form of entertainment known as the Illustrated song. This has been termed the first music video. Even today, many music videos and much contemporary television still use series of still images accompanied by song.
In 1926, with the arrival of "talkies" many musical short films were produced. Vitaphone shorts (1926–30), which were produced by Warner Bros, featured many bands, vocalists and dancers. The series entitled spooney medlodies was the first true musical video series. The shorts were typically about six minutes in duration, and featured art deco style animations and backgrounds combined with film of the performer singing the song. This series of shorts can also arguably be considered to be the earliest music videos.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

evaluated concept

After pitching our idea to the class and receiving feedback, we have decided to contnue with the "supergrass" track and the idea of using a funeral situation for our video.
The class found fault with our idea for the "saturday night" track, in that getting permission to film the public and drunken people on a saturday night may pose a threat. So we returned to our initial funeral idea, and although at first we thought this was over ambitious we were convinced that it is achieveable and showed more promise and imagination. We didnt want to face any ethical or permission issues, so we will be using 2 graves. 1 relatively new, and the other old. We will show the first burrial with the new grave and cut just before the bass kicks in. at this point we will be showing another funeral, and from the now old grave in the forground our "zombie" character will rise.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


What type of perforance is (band, dancing, etc)?
The whole band are in the video, but they were performing in a prison. The video is contrapuntal of what you would expect of this video. The main focus is on the main vocalist and band member. this is stereotypical of the "indie" genre.

How is the artist represented
The artist was represented as a criminal - as they are in a prison. This is a stereotypical "bad boy" band look, however all confine to the stereotypical look of an indie band.

Is there a narrative?
there is a narrative but its not presented in the video, it is presented through the lyrics strongly and subtly displayed through the prison style of missing a person and feeling trapped within those feelings.

What is the relationship between music and visuals?
The visuals do represent the music through diagetic and non diagetic sounds. At the beginning there is a man playing a guitar which fits in time with the music, the cuts also occur to a major scene change during a change in the song for example during a new verse or the chorus. there is also a scene where there are people hitting rocks this is also in time with the beat. There is a lot of lip syncing as you would expect in this style video with the focus of the video on the main singer.

What is the relationship between lyrics and visuals?
The video is typical of what you would expect of the band, but not of the song. However the song is talking about missing someone and this may be represented through the persons feelings of being trapped missing an ex feeling like they are in a prison,  the visuals are not representative of the individual lyrics as you would expect such as describing the girl in question.

What type of performance:
The video will confine with the typical boy band singing and a lot of location changes and varied shot styles. this style is frequently used by the thrills,

Location: Shot around camrbridge college and so on the typical locations used within a boy band video.

Performance Styles: the band will all perform as in most band videos and will use lip syncing and play instruments making the music seem diagetic.

Props: Instruments e.g guitar, microphone and so on, and typical indie band costume.

Casting:  4 band members and extras which will vary dependant on the scene.

TEACHER POST - Blogs to include.

Please ensure that you upload the following information/products that you have produced over the first 3 weeks to your blog.

* Notes on the History of Music Video (include any examples you might find)
* 'Sell your group member'- upload the poster you created to sell your group member, explain and justify the decisions you made in relation to the target audience you had in mind.
* Include your lyrics for the song you made up to illustrate the conventions of your selected sub genre.
* Include your presentation on the Auteur you researched.
* Upload the magazine ad and digipak you designed for the unusual video you chose. Also embed the video these products are based on.

If you worked in different groups to the group you are in now still include your work.
DEADLINE: By Monday 4th October.
Please ensure you are labeling your posts with the names of the group members involved in the post

Monday, 27 September 2010

Concepts For The Tracks

Track 2:
Backstreet Boys - Evergreen

Track 3:
Orson - Everything
Band members playing individual instruments (guitar, drums, vocals etc...) - strong beat.

Track 4:
Hot Chip - Thieves In The Night
Abstract/unusual. Physcodelic colours.

Track 5:
Emma Bunton - In Another Life
Sensitive, dancing, expression of emotion. Storyline.

Track 6:
Supergrass - La Song

Track 7:
Antisocial Burnout

Track 8:
Angie Stone - Heaven Help
Running through a forest, candle light, at night time - expressio of emotion/sensitive

Track 9:
The Thrills - Saturday Night

Track 10:
The King Blues - Taking Over

Track 11:
I Know We'll Never

Track 12:
Stacey Mclean - I See You
Club/Rave - bright, neon colours. Strobe lighting etc...

Concepts For Songs

2.Back Street Boys- Evergreen
-People sitting on stools singing the lyrics
3.Orson- Everything
-Dancing around with guitars, upbeat meaning fast shots
4.Hot Chip-Thieves In the Night
-Abstract video, bright colours, brught video
5.Emma Bunton- In Another Life
-Calm Images, slow paced shots
6.Supergrass- La Song
-Slow at the begining like a funeral being shown, then the pace can pick up and someone from a coffin can sit up and start playing the guitar.
7.Anti Social Burnouts-No Looking Back
-Fast paced, a lot of action
8.Angie Stone- Heaven Help
-Could have a story with the lyrics based upon love
9.The Thrills- Saturday Night
-Story of the lyrics, maybe showing things that contradict the lyrics
10.The King Blues- Taking Over
-Chilled out people, seems like a chilled out song
11. I Know We'll Never
-Images to match the lyrics
12.Stacey Mclean- I See You

song choices and ideas.

The two songs i had the most effective and creative ideas for were Supergrass - La Song, and the Thrills - Saturday Night . I felt that my ideas for the other songs werent as strong and with these 2 it took less effort to imagine what we could achieve.

My favorite idea is for supergrass, the intro made me think of a funeral with the organ and sad tone. Then when the beat kicked in, i thought the corpse could sit up and start playing the bass. The congregation at the funeral would all act surprised. but at the point when there is a coral backing vocals they could act as backing singers and be swaying in the background as the "close family" form the band and play.

Alternatively, my idea for the thrills song would be a contrast to the lyrics. The common lyric "is this what they call love on a saturday night". I imagined people fighting in the street as a lone singer wonders invisibley through it all. Also for the lyric is this what they call sex, i thought we could use peole drinking or taking drugs, with the connection of sex as a high and also the drink and drugs being highs. However towards the end of the song, he sings is this what they call hate. At which point i thought we could flip this and all the people that were fighting would make up and notice the singer an start jossling him and hugging him while he sings.

 for the other songs these were my ideas.

KeKe J - crush: i thought night scape with rippled effects and shots of couples having relationship problems. however i thought this was very cliche and not very creative.
Backstreet Boys - Ever Green: I saw a video comprised of the boy band floating or flying infront of a green screen with a moving image behind them of forests and streets and other locations. However this was again quite cliche and difficult to achieve.
Orson- everything: This was the runner up to our top 2 songs. I thought we could show the band playing like in a typical video, but because of the distinctive beat we could make the players jump between instruments and interchange with every cut. This could have looked good if done well, but i felt it wasn't creative enough.
Hot chip - thieves in the night: i thought we could use a church as a location for a house party.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Goodwin Analysis

Roll Deep Green Light

Genre Characteristics
-Hip Hop: The video contains the usual characteristics of a hip hop video as they normally show off their money, have a lot of women dancing around and groups of people just chilling.

Lyrics and Visuals
-Green Light:Green back ground, green lights saying go like the lyrics and is shown as the green light on a traffic light is shown
-They talk about girls all the way through the video and shows them
-Lots of girls surrounding men, and dancing in small clothes

-Objectification of women: women shown in short skirts and tops.

Representation of Artist
-All introduced by names shown on the screen
-Have money as they are in expensive clothing and have nice cars
-Sociable and freind based groups as they are all together and lots of them

Concept Based
-Stereotypical of a hip hop video

-Non shown in the video similar to Skepta "Cross My Heart"

Music and Visuals
-Fast Song: Fast paced visuals and dancing
-Location: Colours of walls link to the song

Strong links the music and the video
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